Sartell New High School Civil
Sartell, MN
The site for the Sartell – St. Stephen New High School existed as a farm field prior to a successful referendum. A geotechnical investigation revealed well-draining sand that would provide the perfect subgrade for athletic fields. The district desired a site circulation strategy that balanced safety with vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowing smoothly.
Solution/What Worked:
By recycling the on-site soils the district created sand-based fields that remain playable during even the rainiest days while saving on trucking costs and emissions. Various traffic elements were designed to separate the bus chute, pick up/drop off, and main parking areas. The main entrance has no vehicle traffic in front due to a round about that channels the main traffic and a u-turn pick up drop off.
Fun Fact:
During a very rainy fall of 2019 the girls soccer team was able to play all games without a cancellation or postponement due to the field design and well-draining soils.