Blattner Energy Headquarters
Avon, MN
Blattner Energy continues to expand its footprint in the renewable energy industry which drives the need for more space at its Avon, Minnesota headquarters. Due to site limitations the latest addition impacted an existing geothermal field that needed to be modified while being kept in service. In order to keep up with Blattner’s space needs an aggressive project schedule was required.
Solution/What Worked:
In order to keep the site and foundation work moving forward, Design Tree calculated the heating/cooling capacity loss from the reduced geothermal field and sized equipment early in the design process. A design-build project delivery method for the HVAC system allowed for pre-purchasing of long lead-time equipment. This was especially challenging due to the impacts to the existing systems while allowing for continued occupancy.
Fun Fact:
In 2017 Blattner Energy was recognized as the top solar contractor in the US by Solar Power World magazine.